Rescues decreased in 2015, but was 'rough year' for TCSAR

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last week, Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) released its 2015 Rescue Report, which reveals that rescues decreased from 2014 to 2015. Although the number was down, it was tough year for the organization. "2015 was a rough year with the loss of community members and a board member," said TCSAR Foundation Executive Director Stephanie Thomas. "Many people have been affected by the losses and it's daily that our team talks about prevention, education and quicker response/more readily available team. In general, we had two big searches (one that made national news), we had a number of mountain bike accidents and a lot of people who just had a bad day. We're glad we are able to be there to help them out." According to Thomas, there were 84 rescues in 2014 and 72 in 2015. "We'd like to say it's because of our increased community outreach, but honestly I think it's just that we range from 70-90 call outs per year," said Thomas. "It's nice to see the number go down." Thomas said that TCSAR is currently in the process of evaluating all call outs back to 1993 to understand the demographics a bit better, such as who's getting injured, how, where, etc. The report also outlines TCSAR trainings, community outreach events, and needs, or a "wishlist," for the organization. "The wishlist is something we strive to fulfill each year. It's the essentials the team needs to be prepared and ready," said Thomas. "We encourage people to donate funds through our website or write a check. We also encourage creative fundraising... host a beacon search party and ask everyone who attends to donate $10 or $20. Have a change jar at home and every time you come home from an awesome outdoor adventure add some leftover change. Talk with your kids about getting them involved with their friends or schoolmates. We're a grassroots organization that depends heavily on the generosity of our community. We need big donors and small donors to make it all happen." See the full 2015 Rescue Report here. *Feature Photo: h/t Teton County Search and Rescue / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news