Snow and ice causes 19 weekend crashes around Teton County

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The first wave of this week's winter storm brought road conditions ranging from flooded, slushy, icy, and snow covered streets, roads, and highways, which resulted in 19 auto collisions since Friday. Kathy Clay, Duty Officer for Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, has been on duty since Thursday. "Drivers have been aware of this storm and are driving safely," She noted one rollover incident, just south of Rafter J. "The driver was wearing her seatbelt and walked away from a significant crash." Clay has observed new car design coupled with seatbelt use is making a significant difference in crash victim injuries. "I have no statistics," she said. "But I have observation skills. New cars, air bags, and seat belt use is making a difference in outcomes for car crashes." More snow is expected much of this week, so slick and snowy conditions will continue. [image: Inline image 1] "Going to a car crash and watching the driver walking around, stunned but uninjured, is one of my favorite joys of this job," said Clay. "Seatbelts do save lives; make sure you have your's on!" Feature Photo: Accident south of Rafter J on Friday. Pitchengine Communities #buckrail #news