Diagram estimates where skiers fell this morning

(Teton Village, Wyo.) - Buckrail reader Tim Dykema submitted this photo diagram of the "Why Not" area where the three skiers fell off of a cliff this morning . According to Dykema, this photo shows the cliff area adjacent to the "Why Not" Couloir taken on a sunny day on January 19. "Went to inspect area this afternoon. Red area is where I saw ski tracks that were too far skier's right. Orange area was where some extraction efforts happened. Blue is the route through the main couloir. I am guessing that the eyewitness or those who went down the rocks/cliffs will be able to pinpoint the exact route of fall," said Dykema. For background on this incident, read Buckrail's previous article "UPDATE: 3 CA skiers fall off cliff in backcountry, minor to serious injuries reported." *Feature Photo: h/t Tim Dykema / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news