Non-profit takes next step to revitalize R Park

(Wilson, Wyo.) - The next time you are on your way to Teton Village look for the new sign on the Moose-Wilson Road. Hanging from 21-feet tall timbers, the sign marks Rendezvous Park’s main entrance. Designed by Pierson Land Works and installed by Teton Signs, the sign interweaves the area’s natural features, while incorporating its history as a gravel-pit. Beneath the steel sign will be a large cairn of Snake River river rocks. The timber, steel, and rocks are materials that were present decades ago and still are today. The unique design upholds the park’s commitment to be a natural space, lacking electricity, asphalt, and other features of more urban parks. Owned and operated by the nonprofit, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy (RLC), Rendezvous Park (R Park) is a 40-acre community hub that fosters nature, wildlife, creativity and recreation for people of all ages. Having provided the county an easement, R Park connects the West Bank to Jackson via the new Snake River Pedestrian Bridge and community pathways. “Thanks to the generosity of our many donors Rendezvous Lands Conservancy’s vision to transform Wilson’s gravel pit into a natural park is coming to fruition,” said Laurie Andrews, RLC board chair. Protected from development in 2012, the once desolate landscape is beginning to look more like its natural state. Cottonwood groves, wetlands, and natural grasses comprise the almost 15 acres of restored wildlife habitat. The main quarry is now a 450-foot long pond in which kids swim and standup paddleboard. And the knolls, which pay homage to the past gravel piles are a sledding favorite. Now that reclamation is almost complete, “phase two,” the design and construction of visitor amenities, begins. *Feature Photo: The New Rendezvous Park Sign. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news