Local runner dominates 160-mile race in Brazil

(Jackson, Wyo.) - We know that Jackson Hole is the training ground for some of the top athletes in the world , and that includes the top endurance athletes as well. Local ultra-marathoner Sada Crawford just took first place in the Brazil 135+ in late January. The Brazil 135+ is a race that started in São João da Boa Vista on January 20 and follows the Camino Da Fe trail (or the Path of Faith). The race weaves through rural towns and farms on dirt roads throughout southern Brazil. "In some sections it is pretty remote, like through banana fields and jungles," said Crawford. She completed the 164-mile race on January 22 after 43 hours and 55 minutes of running. She was the first woman and the fifth person to finish overall. When she reached the 135-mile point, she was 30 minutes ahead of the second woman. "I had an amazing race. Everything came together," said Crawford. "I went the whole time trying to ignore all the fears and just focus on how I felt and I felt really good." [image: Inline image 1] *Sada Crawford after the Brazil 135+.* *h/t Sara Crawford / Pitchengine Communities* Crawford, who is turning 50 in June, has been running for 42 years. She began running marathons in college, but didn't discover ultra-marathons (anything over a full marathon) until about six years ago. "A really good friend at the time said that you are going to be better at the longer stuff," she said. "And I just thought he was crazy. I thought there was no way I could even do a 50k. And now I love it!" Crawford was born in raised in Michigan, but has lived all over the U.S. About two and a half years ago, she moved to Tetonia in Teton Valley, Idaho from Pasadena, California. Just last October, after deciding she didn't want to go through another isolated winter in Tetonia, she moved into Jackson. "Coming over here has been completely amazing," she said. "It has been a fantastic move. I love this community." Besides her running, Crawford is a local jewelry artist and just spent the last two years renovating the home she owns in Tetonia. Although she wasn't going to plan her next race until she had time to recover, it appears she can't help it. Shortly after returning from Brazil, she signed up to run the Squaw Peak 50 mile race in June and says that she may do the Tahoe 200 on September 9 or the Grand Ultra on September 25 - October 1. *Feature Photo: Sada Crawford after the Brazil 135+. h/t Sara Crawford /