Tight turns, perfect form and symmetric style at yesterday's Powder 8s

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) hosted the Grand National Powder 8 Competition for the first time in 15 years. The event was held on the Powder 8 face of Cody Bowl as part of the Grand Reunion Weekend. This year, approximately 22 teams were invited from a variety of western resorts and more than $10,000 in cash and prizes were given to the top three finishing teams. Five judges ranked teams based on historical requirements, including style, symmetry and synchronization. Here are the results of the Powder 8s, as reported from JHMR this morning: 1. Jim Schanzenbaker and Thomas Roennau (Aspen) 2. Nick Herrin and Troy Nedved (Big Sky/Crested Butte) 3. Chris Denny and Halsey Hewson (Local) 4. Steve Cieciuch and Willi Glanzing (Telluride) 5. Bart Flynn and George Flynn (Local) 6. Travis Crooke and Ryan Watts (Steamboat) 7. Brendan Levine and AJ Puccia (Local) 8. Peter Huber and Tom Truss (Alta Ski Area) 9. Tanner Flanagan and Jeff Leger (Local) 10. Jon Hunt and Rick Hunt (Local) 11. Sam Sehnert and Ethan Valenstein (Local) 12. Josh Lautenberg and Frederick Rumford (Vail) 13. Drew Kneeland and Kyle MacDowell (JHSP) 14. Mike Janssen and Kris Lunde (JHMR MSS) 15. Bart Conrad and Scott McGee (Snow King) 16. Josh Fogg and Kevin Jordan (Aspen) 17. Sarah Felton and Brigid Horigan (Local) 18. Pat Campbell and Jamie Macintosh (Team Calico) 19. AJ Cargill and Lynsey Dyer (GoPro) 20. Crystal Wright and Jeff Annetts (JHMR) 21. John Beattie and Dave Muccino (Local) 22. Theresa Gerdin and Victor Gerdin (Aspen) Here are some photos from yesterday's event: *Feature Photo: The Powder 8 winner holds the $5,000 check. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news