Skiers, riders and horses, jumps, tricks and rings: Skijoring JH recap and results

(Teton Village, Wyo.) - "Imagine a horse rearing up, then suddenly accelerating from zero to 40 in just three strides. Imagine a skier grasping a 30 foot hemp rope and being towed over a snow covered course, landing 6-8 foot jumps and capturing rings with a lance made from a sawed off ski pole. Imagine the 900’ straight away lined with thousands of cheering spectators as the snow and ice fly," stated Jackson Hole Skijoring in a press release issued about the event. Last weekend, the North American Skijoring Championships were held across from Teton Village at Snake River Ranch. Skijoring is a competition where a horse and rider pull a skier through a course that combines jumps, gates and spear rings. Judges score the teams on accuracy and speed. Here are the results from the competition last Saturday and Sunday: *Open Division* - 1st Place: Lego my Leo - skier Tyler Smedsrud, rider Mike Fredricken and horse Leo - 2nd Place: Chet Mix - skier Chet Cook, rider Mike Fredricken and horse Leo - 3rd Place: Ber-Dover - skier Jake Berda, rider Lenny Hay and horse Patty *Sport Division* - 1st Place: Sugar and Spice - Skier RJ Klotz, rider Trae Mclnroe and horse Cooper - 2nd Place: Streaking 2 - skier Aaron Griffen, rider Ebbie hansen and horse Zeek the Streak - 3rd Place: Rockin MT Montana - skier Connor Buckley, rider Rae Fullmer and horse Docs Pride & Joy *Draw Division* - 1st Place: Skier Jake Brenda, rider Will James and horse Newt - 2nd Place: Skier RJ Klotz, rider Jaron Anderson and horse Pecos - 3rd Place: Skier Aaron Griffen, rider Ebbie Hansen and horse Zip & Zee The Open Division is the “Pro Class,” the Sport Division has slightly slower horses, and the Draw Division crossed over both Open and Sport. Check out the full results here. *Feature Photo: h/t Matt Stirn / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #gameticker