Wyoming doesn't have a state shrub. That might change.

Wyoming has its own state bird (the Meadowlark), its own state dinosaur (triceratops), fish (cutthroat trout), and flower (indian paintbrush), among quite a few other official state representative items. But it has yet to name a state shrub. Sen. Ogden Driskill, R - Crook/Campbell/Weston, and Rep. Tyler Lindholm, R - Crook/Weston, want to change that. The pair is sponsoring Senate File 52, which would name the Artemisia tridentata wyomingensis, commonly known as Wyoming big sagebrush, as the state shrub of Wyoming. Being a budget session, two thirds of the Senate would have to vote to even introduce the proposed bill for discussion. So, we shall find out if this is the year of the Wyoming big sagebrush or not. [image: giphy.gif] *h/t * *featured photo h/t Matt Lavin* #buckrail #reboot #county10 #springcity #dally #oilcity #county17 #shortgo #news