County recommends partnership with Habitat for Humanity to build The Grove Phase 3

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday at the Board of County Commissioners Voucher Meeting, officials voted on The Grove Phase 3 cost analysis. The Commissioners voted unanimously to recommend option 4A. This option would involve redesigning the units and a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Under this option, 24 Category 1 units would be designed to complement the earlier phases of The Grove project. According to the Teton County Housing Authority (TCHA) website , category 1 homes generally fall between $100,000 - $180,000. In the recommended plan, TCHA would build the infrastructure and foundations, while Habitat for Humanity would build six buildings with 24 units. Because Habitat for Humanity is involved, the buildings will be limited to two vertical stories. The partnership with Habitat for Humanity also limits The Grove Phase 3 to families who are below 60% of the Teton County median income. County documents state: "An active partnership with Habitat creates significant, positive momentum towards affordable housing solutions, which translates to the integration of low income housing within the development. However, the units Habitat provides are for 60% and below the Teton County Median income. Category 1 is 80% and below median. This would leave out households in Category 1 between 60% and 80% of median. It also leaves out households in Categories 2 and 3." The Board of County Commissioners decision is only a recommendation to the Housing Authority. The TCHA will choose how to respond to the recommendation. See the full The Grove Phase 3 cost analysis here. *Feature Photo: Construction on Phase 2 of The Grove. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news