Stories of the "Uncontacted:" Local photographer to document the people of the Peruvian Amazon

(Jackson, Wyo.) - In April, local photographer Lina Collado will join an anthropologist, two biologists, two filmmakers, and a conservationist on a 30-day expedition into the Peruvian Amazon. For *The Uncontacted Project*, Collado and her team will travel to the widely restricted areas of the Manu National Park to tell the stories of the people who have very little contact with contemporary society. The team will not be making the first contact with uncontacted tribes, but are planning to document the lives of the communities along the border of the uncontacted zone. "We aim to find out how (negativity and positively) being connected to the outside world has effected their lives. What implications can we draw from our own use with these machines? Where does it have value and where does it not? Thanks to that connectivity, we can receive medical attention more easily, but we are also scrolling through Instagram for HOURS," said Collado. [image: Inline image 1] *Port Atalaya, Manu National Park - One of their stops to reach the communities. h/t Lina Collado / Pitchengine Communities.* Collado originally came to live in Jackson three years ago from her home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photography brought her to Jackson, but like many of us, she stayed long after the 7 months she had planed to work for the JH Wildlife Film Festival. "I have been able to continue my passion for photography while in Jackson and have been very honored with how amazing the community is in order to help it's local artists," said Callado. Collado currently works as a medical interpreter for El Puente, a non-profit organization in Jackson that offers medical interpretation to the Latino community so they can have access to healthcare. In the summer, she teaches photography to high school students for National Geographic Student Expeditions. In her free time, Collado works on her dream venture -- *The Uncontacted Project.* "It's been two years in the making, and now we are two months away from starting!" she said. "My biggest wish is to bring these stories back to Jackson and share them with our youth so they can see first hand a small picture of what other incredible cultures are truly like, ones who most people on Earth go by without ever hearing about!" [image: Inline image 2] *Dante Karín Nuñez del Prado, official guide specializing in the Manu region. h/t Lina Collado / Pitchengine Communities.* The project has secured funding from Fractured Atlas, a 501c3 organization, as well as received support from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and non-profit organizations like Amazon Watch and Survival International. They have also obtained all of the necessary permits and tribe invitations. Now, they are working to raise the final $14,800 in 30 days through Kickstarter . Watch the video, learn more about the project and get involved here . *Feature Photo: Lina Collado. h/t Lina Collado / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news