Elk Count: 7,000+ on the National Elk Refuge

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday, biologists from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) Jackson Division conducted its annual elk count on the National Elk Refuge. The elk on the National Elk Refuge account for about 60 - 80 percent of the elk in the full Jackson herd. According to the WGFD Jackson Bison and Elk Management Plan, officials have a goal of 5,000 elk utilizing supplemental feed on the National Elk Refuge. Here are the numbers from the National Elk Refuge count yesterday: - Total: 7,290 - Cows: 4,912 - Calves: 786 - Mature Bulls: 1,242 - Spikes: 350 - Calf:cow ratio: 16:100 - Spike:cow ratio: 7:100 - Mature bull:cow ratio: 25:100 Here is a video from yesterday's count: The WGFD also conducted aerial counts for the elk outside of the National Elk Refuge and will release those numbers later this week. The National Elk Refuge began the supplemental feeding program just 10 days ago on January 30. *Feature Photo: From the Elk Count on the National Elk Refuge yesterday. h/t WGFD / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news