Water line leak discovered in Snow King Estates area, shut off planned for tomorrow

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Jackson Public Works Department discovered a leak in a water line in the Snow King Estates residential area. According to a release issued by the Town of Jackson Public Works Department this afternoon, while the Public Works employees were repairing this issue, three additional waterline compromises were discovered. Due to the amount of utility lines in close proximity of the water line break, excavating with shovels is required. This human-powered excavation will add additional time needed for a safe and effective repair. Water in this area has been restored for the evening, but work will continue tomorrow morning and throughout the day. Public Works has indicated that water levels in the storage tank serving this area are low. As a precautionary measure, residents with access to water in this area may wish to consider setting aside a conservative amount of water to use for basic needs (cooking, plumbing, drinking, and minimal washing) for tomorrow’s planned shut off. "Please know that the Public Works crews are working diligently on this situation," stated the release. "Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Thank you also for your patience with us as we work hard to fix this problem." #buckrail #news