Wyoming officials pleased with Supreme Court stay of EPA coal rules

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a temporary stay of the EPA's Clean Power Plan, which requires significant emissions cuts to coal-fired power plants. Read more about the stay on Bootstrapped . “This is a big win for Wyoming and the nation,” said Governor Matt Mead. “It puts on hold this very bad policy based on a deeply flawed process while the legal issues are being addressed. I couldn’t be happier.” Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R - Wyo., agreed. “This stay gives a chance to see the case brought by the states against the Clean Power Plan come to fruition while protecting working families’ from this overbearing federal mandate that will increase energy prices if left unchecked," she said. "I applaud this decision on the part of the Supreme Court to give states a meaningful day in court to fight this rule before it inflicts lasting damage on the nation." "Ultimately, the states know what is best, and over two dozen of them, including Wyoming, saw fit to challenge this regulation in court,” Sen. Mike Enzi, R - Wyo., said. “This is one of the president's most heavy-handed regulations that would destroy jobs and raise energy prices across the nation. The EPA does not have unlimited authority to implement whatever ill-conceived regulations it chooses." “The Supreme Court dealt a blow to President Obama’s legacy seeking and attempts to end-run Congress and the American people," Sen. John Barrasso, R - Wyo., said. "The Clean Power Plan is yet another example of this administration’s overreach. I urge the courts to throw out this legally questionable rule.” *Feature photo provided by Wyoming Mining Association.* #buckrail #reboot #county10 #springcity #dally #county17 #oilcity #shortgo #bootstrapped #news