Cutter Races: 5 historical facts to get you excited for tomorrow's event

(Jackson, Wyo.) - This weekend is the 45th Annual Cutter Races at Melody Ranch to benefit the Shriners Children Hospitals. A Cutter Race is an event that features two horses, a driver and a chariot racing together down a quarter mile of track. Here are some historical facts to know before you hit the track tomorrow: *1. Straight Outta Thayne:* Cutter Races first took place in the 1920's in Thayne, Wyoming in Star Valley. "Cutter racing was a way to pass the time during the long cold winters," stated the history of Cutter Races on the Town of Thayne website . *2. First Race:* According to Wonders of Wyoming with Dave Walsh , the very first race took place on Thayne's main street, which was covered in ice, "and the victory went to a Mormon Bishop who would best a local rancher in that historical first race." *3. An Evolution of Racing: *"Cutter racing originated on main street in Thayne, Wyoming when the dairy farmers would bring their milk to the creamery and make bets on who had the fastest set of work horses. As the competition grew, they would bring their saddle horses to run and finally went to smaller sleds known as cutters," stated the Thayne website. *4. Full Track in 22:* The website states that this adrenaline sport is crazy fast -- "Each team has two horses pulling a chariot, and two or three teams run a straight quarter-mile race in about 22 seconds, or at roughly 50 miles an hour." *5. Betting Allowed: *The Thayne website states that there are no purses to win, but Calcutta betting is permitted. Calcutta betting allows racers to bet on themselves, and if they win, they receive a percentage of the pool that was bet on the race. The races are on Saturday, February 14 and Sunday, February 14 starting at 12:30 p.m. at Melody Ranch. More information is available at . *Feature Photo:* *T.J. Construction Team, Chisler and Injuntrouble at the All American Cutter Races & Old Timers Invitational this January at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. **h/t Kathy Clay / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #whatshappening