Trustees split on reconfiguration timeline

(Jackson, Wyo.) - In this week's Teton County School District Board of Trustees regular meeting, one of the primary discussion and action items was the timeline for the elementary school reconfiguration. During the January 13 meeting, Trustees voted unanimously to update the configuration to K - 5 with the exception of Alta, which will remain k - 6. During Wednesday night's meeting, the Trustees discussed whether to implement the k-5 reconfiguration in Fall 2017, which is Superintendent Gillan Chapman's recommendation, or to do the reconfiguration another time. "What was presented to the board was that it is best for the kids to go to k-5 as soon as possible, while recognizing all of the complexities and logistics that need to be addressed, so the superintendent's recommendation was reconfiguring in 2017," said TCSD Information Coordinator Charlotte Reynolds. Reynolds explained that there are several complexities to the reconfiguration including shuffling of staff and equipment, making sure the facilities are ready to handle the different grades, balancing where students live and where their siblings attend school, and much more. The Trustees had a six-person board Wednesday night because Trustee Janine Bay Teske was in Cheyenne for the Legislative session. "Ultimately we had a tie," said Reynolds. "Three trustees voted to transition in whatever year the new elementary school opens and three were in favor of reconfiguring in 2017." The new elementary school in Hog Island is supposed to open in the Fall of 2018, but delays are possible. Trustees voted to continue this discussion to the March 9 meeting. *Feature Photo:Teton County School District Board of Trustees Meeting on January 13. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news