Town considers special event application fee

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Tomorrow at the Town of Jackson Council Workshop, elected officials will discuss the possibility of implementing an application fee for special events. According to town documents, "It is the understanding of staff that special events occur in the Town because these activities either drive revenue or support and reflect our community character. The number of special events within the Town of Jackson has increased from 51 in 2009 to 88 in 2015, including 17 new events in 2015. With this increase in the number of special events comes an increase on the impact to staff and Town resources." The issue was brought up in the December 21 workshop, where officials asked that the topic be scheduled for its own workshop. The town documents state that implementing an application fee for special events could provide an additional source of revenue for the town, help recoup the cost of town staff time on these events and incentivize organizations to host quality events. Potential drawbacks of the application fee include adding additional costs to event organizers or possibly deterring organizations from hosting events that hold several throughout the year. The suggested application fee is as follows (information provided by town documents): 1. Non-Profit Applicant = $25 per special event application. 2. For-Profit Applicant (including commercial filming and photography) = $150 per special event application. 3. Demonstration, Picket or Other Constitutionally Protected Expressive Activity = No Fee. In the research behind this proposal, staff looked into the special event application fees for several other mountain towns including Aspen, Colorado and Sun Valley, Idaho. If the Town Council choses to move forward with implementing special event application fees, then they will direct staff to draft an ordinance amending the Municipal Code reflecting this change. See town documents on the special events application fee here. *Feature Photo: Fall Arts Festival. h/t Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival /