"Young Guns" takes home the buckle, results and photos from the 45th Annual Cutter Races

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of people headed down to Melody Ranch for tailgating, horse racing, and all around muddy fun, but mostly to support the Jackson Hole Shriners in their fundraising efforts for the Shriners Children's Hospitals. Cutter Racing is a race that features two horses, a driver and a chariot racing together down a quarter mile of track. Here are the results from this weekend's races: - 1st place overall combined winner was "Young Guns" with a time of 46:32 winning $800 plus a 1st place belt buckle. - 2nd place overall combined winner was "Hard Rock" with a time of 46:78 winning $600 and a 2nd place belt buckle. - 3rd place overall combined winner was "P J Wanna Play" with a time of 47:30 winning $400 - 4th place overall combined winner was "SSMO" with a time of 47:39 winning $200 Also in the loser bracket from Day one of racing, are the consolation prize winners of Sunday's races: - 1st place was "A&W Racing" with a time of 46:12 winning $300 and a 1st place buckle - 2nd place was "Steer Crazy" with a time of 46:56 winning $200 "Each and every team, their owners and drivers contribute so much for the love of the sport and to support the Shrine Children Hospitals. Frequently the prize money they win which is theirs to keep is more often than not donated directly back to the Hospital," said Tom Needham, president of the Jackson Hole Shrine Club. "We are looking forward and already planning for next year's races with these teams and any new ones we may be able to invite," he added. Here are some photos from this weekend's races: And here are a few cool videos of the action: *Feature Photo: h/t @mysplendidescape on Instagram / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #whatshappening