JH Housing Trust reveals affordable rental project

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust will reveal plans and elevations for their next affordable housing development on tonight from 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. at the Senior Center of Jackson Hole. Staff from the Housing Trust and Hawtin Jorgensen Architects will be on hand to answer questions and listen to feedback. In 2014, the Housing Trust partnered with the Jackson Town Council to purchase six lots on the corner of Redmond and Hall. Since 1992, approximately 1,450 "affordable" units have been developed in Teton County. Of these, less than six percent are affordable rentals available to the community at large. Additionally, according to the JH Housing Trust, the majority of the workforce housing stock is only available to the employees of major employers. “Our community needs a full spectrum of housing opportunities to function effectively,” said Anne Cresswell, executive director of the Housing Trust. “Given the financial realities of home ownership in Jackson, rental housing must become a more substantial part of the solution,” said Mayor Sara Flitner. To address the existing deficit of affordable rental housing, the Housing Trust and the Jackson Town Council committed to the development of 18 new homes on Redmond and Hall. This January, the Housing Trust put an adjacent property under contract which will allow for the development of an additional 11 affordable homes. With this project, the Housing Trust aims to demonstrate that rental housing can be a viable, long-term housing solution for individuals, couples and families. “We are excited to kick off the next phase of the project and we hope to get feedback from neighbors and interested applicants. We are committed to quality design and construction that will integrate well with the neighborhood and meet the needs of our applicants,” said Cresswell. “We hope to get the homes in the ground as soon as possible; we know there is a tremendous demand for this kind of housing and we are in a race against the escalating cost of construction.” *Feature Photo: Jackson Hole Housing Trust's Schwabacher Meadows housing development in Jackson. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news