Obituary: Charlie M. Petersen Jr.

*Charlie M. Petersen Jr .* Born: June 15, 1931 - Died" February 13, 2016 Charlie Mosser Petersen Jr. was born June 15, 1931 in Jackson, Wyoming to Charlie and Hilda Petersen. He was the eldest of three children, brother Bruce and sister Rena. When he was nine they moved from their home on the refuge to town. During his younger years the family would live in a tent on top of Teton Pass because of Charlie's severe Asthma. His father drove to town to work during the day and mother would stay on the pass with the boys. Charlie and Bruce spent their days exploring the hillsides. Their mother told Charlie to take good care of his brother. Bruce said he always did. He even saved his life one day by pulling him out of Cache Creek while they were playing in the high water. When he was about fifteen years old, he became sick. He was very weak and weighed less than 100 pounds. After numerous visits to the Jackson hospital they were unable to find what was wrong. The family took him to Salt Lake City for further examination. During exploratory surgery they found a tumor and luck would have it Charlie would be okay. He graduated from Jackson Wilson High School with the Class of 1950. His yearbook said he wanted to be a Wildlife Manager, but will probably be a movie star. He lettered in basketball, boxing, football, softball and J Club. To the best of our knowledge he never lost a boxing match. He was offered an athletic scholarship for basketball, but instead choose to marry Ada Lucille Seaton on December 28, 1951. After they were married, they spent a year in Texas before settling back in Jackson. They had six children, Cheryl, Ben, Debbie, Dale, Carol and Karen. Charlie and Ada would always have friends stop by on Christmas Eve for Tom returning to camp Uncle Arnold helped them hang their elk on the meat rack. The three then hung a bell on the rack so if a bear came into camp they would have fair warning. After Uncle Arnold had settled in for the night Charlie went back out to the meat rack and tied a rope from the bell to his tent. As night fell the bell started ringing. Arnold heard the bell and tried to wake the other two but was unsuccessful. The bell stopped so Arnold went back to bed. Charlie waited ten or so minutes and started ringing the bell again. Once again Arnold tried unsuccessfully to wake the pair. The ringing stopped so he laid back down. When the bell started ringing for the third time, Arnold got Charlie up and they went to check the meat rack. Of course Arnold found the rope and knew he had been had. Many of Charlie's hunters returned several times. One, Jacque Roux, got some special pipe tobacco one year. Charlie and Dale replaced his tobacco with some horse hair and elk droppings which he enjoyed for quite a few days. Boy did it stink camp up! A man named Virgil, was camp jack for several years. Charlie had a mule named Dog . Every year Virgil would try to ride Dog and get bucked off. On this particular year Virgil asked Charlie to hold Dog. Which he did. Virgil got on and immediately hit the ground. Charlie asked him, "Are you okay? Virgil replied, "well I think so. " So Charlie asked "Can I let go of the Mule?" Virgil said he could. In 2003, Charlie and Ada sold their hunting camp and retired. He stayed actively involved in various organizations including Sportsman For Fish & Wildlife, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Jackson Hole Outfitters & Guides Association, Safari Club International, and Concerned Citizens for the Elk. He spent many summer days fishing on Jackson Lake with family and friends. Charlie enjoyed helping with the brandings and doctoring of cows on the Walton Ranch. As hunting season arrived he would spend many days on the ranch hunting. Every year he would help take the Wounded Warriors hunting. This was something he was extremely passionate about and really enjoyed. In the fall Charlie spent many days cutting numerous cords of firewood for himself and friends. As the holidays approached it was very important to him that his family be together. In the New Year, he was anxious to go ice fishing, with his snow plane or later with his snow machines. He caught several big fish every winter. Charlie was a loyal fan of the Jackson Hole Shrine Club Cutter Races for 45 years. He never missed a year. You could always count on Charlie for the best Bloody Mary on the track. Charlie has a complete set of the cutter race collectors mugs. In the spring of 2011, Charlie's wife Ada became ill and he helped take care of her before she passed in April of 2012. He was preceded in death by his father Charlie M Petersen Sr., his mother Hilda J. Jones Petersen and his wife Ada. He is survived by his brother Bruce Petersen, sister Rena Croft (Bob), Children Cheryl Doughty, Ben (Mary), Debbie (Mike), Dale, Carol, Karen Garvin (Dave), ten grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren. #buckrail #news #obits