Teton County Rep. Petroff focuses on budgets in legislature

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today is day 15 of the State of Wyoming Legislature and we caught up with Wyoming House District 16 (Teton County) Representative Ruth Ann Petroff to get an update from Cheyenne. Representative Petroff told us that she has been spending most of her time on the budget process. "We're looking out at a flat revenue picture for the next few years, without an idea of what funds might make up for decreasing coal revenues in the state. Cuts are always difficult. The appropriations committee cut 1% off the standard budget for every department (except the Dept of Health) for the next fiscal year, 2% off the standard budget for the following year. They also cut 10% off the travel budgets and 2.5% off the vehicle expenses for each department (except the Dept of Health). Unfortunately, there are also some great programs, like the early childhood literacy program, that were completely cut. We tried to bring it back in a few amendments, but were unsuccessful," said Rep. Petroff. "The biggest impacts to Jackson and Teton County will be a change in the funding formulas for local governments to send more of the proceeds to hardship communities. It will be several hundred thousands of dollars of cuts to our town and county, no matter how it ends up," she said. "The other impacts will be in social services. Funding is not increasing, but inflation continues to put pressure on services for seniors, counseling services, youth crisis services, and more. Local communities and donors will have to either make up the difference or suffer the impacts of lower services." *Feature Photo: Representative Ruth Ann Petroff. h/t Legislative Service Office / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news