Bison count is high, moose and sheep remain steady

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Earlier this month, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department conducted big game classification counts on bison, moos and bighorn sheep. *Bison* According to the WGFD, wildlife managers have struggled to reduce the Jackson bison population through hunting. The target is 500 animals, and this year the count was 666. That is a decease from last year's count of 691 animals. The prediction is the the heard will grow to 800 with the calves born in the spring. *Moose* This year, wildlife officials counted 213 moose and estimated a total heard of 450 animals for the area. This is similar to the count for last year. Wildlife officials were pleased to see an increase in the calf to cow ratio which was 41:100 this year compared to 33:100 last year. *Bighorn Sheep* The bighorn sheep count remained steady as well, with an actual count of 375 and an estimated population of 425. The lamb:sheep count was also up from 42:100 from 36:100 last year. These numbers, as well as the Jackson Elk Herd numbers, help the WGFD officials determine the proposed hunting seasons. *Feature Photo: **Resting moose photo taken by JHWF Board Member and professional photographer Henry Holdsworth of Wild by Nature Gallery. h/t Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news