Town deploys new parking technology

(Jackson, Wyo.) - In an effort to create available parking spaces for downtown shoppers as well as promoting public safety, the Town of Jackson will begin conducting parking enforcement with the aid of license plate recognition software and a new all-electric vehicle. The enhanced parking enforcement will begin on Today. The Jackson Police Department has increased recent education efforts regarding both downtown parking as well as on-street parking throughout town. Congestion and lack of front row parking downtown affects the ability for shoppers to conveniently access stores that generate revenue for local businesses and sales tax dollars. "Our ability to provide municipal services is directly tied to the strength of our business community because our organization relies heavily on sales tax as a source of revenue. We need the business community to do well so that we can continue to provide the municipal services the community demands,” stated Bob McLaurin, Town Manager. According to the Town of Jackson’s Finance Department, last year approximately 30% of the general fund revenue for the town was generated through sales tax. Employees who work in the downtown district are encouraged to park in nearby satellite lots, leaving these prime parking spots available for shoppers. “We have millions of visitors each year and only hundreds of parking spaces,” said Jackson Police Chief Todd Smith. “The demand for parking in the downtown area continues to increase. It is now a year-round challenge.” Year-round parking enforcement is a town ordinance; however, the majority of parking enforcement has historically been conducted May 15th through September 15th. Beginning Today, visitors to the downtown area may notice a new parking enforcement vehicle, a G.E.M. (Global Electric Motorcar), patrolling the streets. The use of this all-electric vehicle along with license plate recognition software installed in this car will enable a more efficient method of ensuring that parking spaces are turning over on a regular basis. *Feature Photo: G.E.M. Vehicle. h/t Town of Jackson / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news