How to Caucus in Jackson

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today is Super Tuesday, the day eleven states vote for their say in the Republican Presidential Nomination race. Teton County's Republican Caucus will be held at the Antler Inn Conference Room on 43 W. Pearl Ave. in Jackson at 6 p.m. Wyoming Republicans do not vote for a presidential candidate in a caucus on Super Tuesday like some other states do. Instead, the purpose of precinct caucuses in Wyoming is to elect delegates to the County Convention. The County Convention will take place in every county March 12. That is where Wyoming Republicans will elect the people who will represent each county at the National Convention in July. Note that Wyoming's caucuses are closed, meaning registered Democrats can't vote in the Republican caucus and vice versa. You must be registered as a republican in Teton County as of February 17, 2016 to vote. For more information on the presidential caucus process, read Buckrail's recent article, "6 things you need to know about Presidential caucuses in Wyoming." For more information on the local caucus, visit *photos: Trump h/t Gage Skidmore; Cruz h/t public domain; Rubio h/t Michael Vadon ; Kasich h/t public domain; Carson h/t Gage Skidmore * #buckrail #news