Local photog captures rare Zodiacal Light over Teton Pass

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Local photographer A.M. Ruttle snapped this stunning shot of the rare Zodiacal Light over Teton Pass, which is the pyramid of light slanting up and to the left toward the star cluster The Pleiades. "Aren't we lucky to have dark enough skies to see amazing stars and night sky phenomena!" said Ruttle. [image: Inline image 1] describes Zodiacal light as: "Just as the myriad of faint stars cause the amorphous glow seen as the Milky Way, the collection of tiny dust motes that make up the interplanetary dust cloud merge to form an even fainter glow called the zodiacal light. It is called 'zodiacal' because it is densest along the ecliptic or zodiac." Read more about Zodiacal Light here. *Feature Photo: h/t A.M. Ruttle ( / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #snapped