'Percentage of the workforce that lives locally is declining,' Planners release annual growth management checkup

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last week, planners released an annual review to provide a by-the-numbers perspective on the community’s success to date in managing the amount, location and type of growth as it relates to the community’s vision in the Jackson-Teton County Comprehensive Plan. "The 2016 Annual Indicator Report includes 19 data-driven measures to inform future budgeting and strategic work planning, as well as a summary of long-term trends. The indicators work in conjunction with the Comp Plan’s Growth Management Program, to create a quantitative review structure that provides measurability and accountability to ensure the community will achieve its vision," stated Teton County in a press release issued last week. Here are the 2015 Trends (as reported in the 2016 Indicator Report ): - *Amount of Growth.* Since adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, the number of residential units in the community has grown 3.9% (384 units). - *Location of Growth.* In 2015, 61% of residential units were built in Complete Neighborhoods. This raised the percentage of residential growth in Complete Neighborhoods since adoption of the Comp Plan to 56%. While short of the community’s goal that 60% of growth occurs in Complete Neighborhoods, the recent trend is positive as the percentage of units built in Complete Neighborhoods has grown in each of the past 5 years. - *Type of Growth.* The local workforce is growing slower than local jobs meaning the percentage of the workforce that lives locally is declining. Less than 60% of the workforce lives locally at this point, while the community’s goal is to house at least 65% of the workforce locally. - *Other Indicators. *Trends also indicate positive progress in conservation of wildlife and scenic resources and reducing wildlife vehicle collisions. The Annual Indicator Report was released in conjunction with a draft Implementation Work Plan for fiscal year 2017. In the work plan, planners propose detailed priorities and schedules for moving forward to maintain momentum in the community’s comprehensive planning process. “For a major planning or land development regulations process to be efficient and effective, the community, electeds and staff need to stick to an efficient, predetermined schedule,” planners wrote. The Teton County Planning Commission reviewed the report at a special meeting yesterday at the County Administration Building. The Town Planning Commission will do the same at its regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2, at Town Hall. The Teton Board of County Commissioners and Jackson Town Council will review the Indicator Report and consider adoption of the Work Plan at a joint meeting, tentatively scheduled for April 4 at Town Hall. Documents can be located online at the Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan website. #buckrail #news