The bears are out and may be more aggressive as they feed

(Yellowstone) - Late last month, a wolf biologist confirmed that the first grizzly bear emerged from its den in Yellowstone National Park. Now, more grizzlies are emerging from hibernation in the Greater Yellowstone Area, so the park reminds hikers, skiers and snowshoers that they should stay in groups of three of more, make noise on the trail, and carry bear spray. Additionally, bears begin looking for food soon after they emerge from their dens. They are attracted to elk and bison that have died during the winter. Carcasses are an important food source, so bears will sometimes react aggressively while feeding on them.The park implements seasonal bear management area closures to reduce encounters between bears and humans in areas where there is a high density of elk and bison carcasses. Visit for a listing of bear closures. If you see a bear, the park asks that visitors should report sightings to the nearest visitor center or ranger station as soon as possible. *Feature Photo: Grizzly spotted on February 22. h/t Quinn Harrison / NPS photo* #buckrail #news