6 rattling facts about earthquakes in Jackson Hole

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last week, many people in or around Jackson felt the shake of an earthquake. Shortly after the tremble, the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that a 4.0 magnitude earthquake occurred about 13 miles east of Jackson. Since this is the earthquake felt by the most people recently, we looked into the facts behind earthquakes in the area. *1. High Seismic Hazard: *"The Federal Emergency Management Agency and US Geological Survey have classified Wyoming as having a very high seismic hazard," according to this website developed by the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the Wyoming Water Resources Data System. *2. The First in WY:* The first ever earthquake recorded in Wyoming was in Yellowstone National Park on July 18, 1871. *3. Largest in JH History:* According to the Wyoming State Geological Survey , "The largest earthquake recorded to date in Wyoming occurred on August 18, 1959 in Yellowstone National Park. The earthquake registered as a magnitude 6.5 and is considered to be an aftershock of the magnitude 7.5 Hebgen Lake earthquake in southwestern Montana." "The largest earthquake recorded in this region occurred on August 17, 1959. This magnitude 7.5, intensity X event occurred just outside of Yellowstone National Park, near Hebgen Lake in Montana. The event triggered a landslide that dammed the Madison River and created Earthquake Lake. Twenty-eight people lost their lives; most of them were buried in the campground located directly beneath the landslide. Numerous aftershocks, some as large as magnitude 6.5, occurred within or near Yellowstone National Park. This earthquake is a model for what can occur along the Teton fault in Teton County. The largest earthquake that occurred inside Yellowstone National Park boundaries was on June 30, 1975. This magnitude 6.4, intensity VII event caused landslides and large cracks in the ground." states a paper on Teton County Earthquake activity by the Wyoming State Geological Society in 2002. *4. 275 Jackson quakes since 1931:* According to , there have been 275 earthquakes within 30 miles of Jackson since 1931. *5. 33 in the Last Year:* According to , Jackson has had 33 nearby earthquakes in the past year. *6. Future Shakes:* The USGS database shows that there is a 84.31 percent chance of a major earthquake (5.0 magnitude or higher) within 50km of Jackson within the next 50 years. *Feature Photo: Historic Wyoming Earthquakes (Magnitude >= 2.5 or Intensity >= III) from 1871 to present. Epicenters shown in red. h/t Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the Wyoming Water Resources Data System /