Local Republican Caucus packs the house, no clear presidential favorite

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Walking up to the Antler Inn Conference Room at about 6:10 p.m. last night, the line wasn't just out the door, it was literally out of the building. This was for the Teton County Republican Caucus Super Tuesday event. Local GOP members weren't voting for a presidential candidate like some other states do, but were there to elect delegates to the County Convention. JuliAnne Forrest, the Chairman of the Teton County Republican Party, said there were about 100 people who attended last night's event. "I think it's terrific that we live in a county where people really want to be involved in the political process," she said. As for the local Republican Presidential favorite, Forrest said that there wasn't a sway in one direction. "I would say it's across the board. There wasn't a lot of discussion, just conversations that I overheard and I heard Rubio, I heard Cruz, I heard Trump, so folks were definitely out there for all of the different candidates," she said. "It's a real mixed bag." The local Republican Party annual dinner, the Reagan Day Dinner, is at Hotel Terra on Friday, March 11. Tickets and information on this event is available at The County Convention will take place on March 12 at Hotel Terra. *Feature Photo: Teton County Republican Caucus last night. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news