A modern addition to classic landscapes: Meet Jackson artist Andrew Faris

(Jackson, Wyo.) - His art is a bit confusing a first. It places a piece of modern art with bold colors and geometric shapes into the classic landscape of Jackson Hole. But this is also what makes it unique and interesting. Andrew Faris is a local artist who combines his background in fine art, his career graphic design and his love for his new home, Jackson Hole. [image: Inline image 1] *"Deep" by Andrew Faris* Faris grew up in northeast Ohio and studied fine arts and graphic design in school. He worked in graphic design in NYC and then his career moved to southern California. Following years working as a designer and art director at Yahoo!, he started his own design studio. After nearly 11 years in LA, and after he and his wife welcomed to their two children, they re-evaluated their lives. "Once we had them [kids], you just start looking at the world a little differently and think about what they are growing up around," said Faris. "We have been coming out to Jackson for years. We would come out during the winter and ski nonstop and fell in love with the landscape and the lifestyle and the population." "Eventually we decided to go for it," he added. A little over a year ago, Faris and his family moved to Jackson. For the majority of his time here, he has been working for his design studio, but in the fall he shifted his focus to painting. Since he wasn't yet familiar with local galleries to display his work, he began taking photos of his paintings in his backyard to display online. And it evolved from there. "Eventually, I left the backyard and drove around with spots in mind that might compliment the painting and where the painting might compliment the landscape," Faris said. So now, he drives around looking for good spots, hikes into the wilderness and props up his paintings for the photo shoot. "I like bringing together different worlds with the juxtaposition of my paintings in the landscape, especially with the grided geometric bold color against the more organic forms," he added. "I never really know how the photo is going to turn out, I just drive around and watch the light." [image: Inline image 2] *"Crisp" By Andrew Faris* He sells the prints of his photos as well as his paintings online. You can see more of Faris' work on his Instagram page or his website. *Feature Photo: (Left) Andrew Faris, his wife and their two kids, (top Right) "Crisp" by Andrew Faris, (bottom right) "Beam" by Andrew Faris. h/t Andrew Faris / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news