2015-16 could be the deadliest avalanche season in U.S. history

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center released data that indicates the 2015-2016 avalanche season may be one of the deadliest on record for the U.S. "As of March 1, avalanches have killed 23 people in the United States this winter. This is the second largest number of cumulative fatalities through February since the winter of 2000-01," states the release. Wyoming has had five avalanche deaths so far this season. "Projecting forward, 2015-16 could be one of the worst winters for avalanche deaths in recent years. This is a rough estimate, and how the snowpack evolves over the next few months will determine the number of serious avalanche accidents," the release stated. [image: Inline image 2] *h/t Colorado Avalanche Information Center* Before you head into the backcountry, read our article on 6 Tips to Stay safe in avalanche country. *Feature Photo: h/t Pixabay / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news