Town moves forward with landslide mitigation plan

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last night at the regular Town Council meeting, officials voted to take the the next steps to fix the west side of the landslide. "We believe it is time to move forward and take the design from conceptual design to final construction design," said Town Manager Tom McLaurin during the meeting. McLaurin clarified that this conceptual plan is for the west side of the slide and that the mitigation for the east side of the slide will be different depending on the stability assessment of the hill and the possible demolition of the Walgreens building. Councilman Bob Lenz voiced concerns about moving forward with the design for the west side of the slide without having the conceptual plans for the east side finalized. He recommended waiting a few weeks before moving forward with this step in the process. Councilman Jim Stanford moved to approve and award both amendments to contracts for Nelson Engineering in the amount of $205,307.00 and Landslide Technology in the amount of $149,044.00 for the West Broadway Landslide remediation, and authorize Mayor Flitner’s signature on the contract documents subject to Town Attorney review and approval. The motion was approved 3 - 1, with Councilman Lenz opposed. *Feature Photo: The former Walgreens in Jackson. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news