JHMR Ski Patrol awarded Citizen of the Month

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol accepted the February “Citizen of the Month” award from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole at a luncheon held at the resort last Tuesday. One of the club’s Past Presidents, Casey Morton, presented the award and thanked the patrol for 50 years of “Service Above Self,” the Rotary motto of 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide, in 200 countries. The nomination of Ski Patrol was prompted by their effective and speedy responses to accidents that occurred outside the resort boundaries in recent months. "The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol is a closely-knit group of individuals that totals 82 members; 65 men and 17 women," stated the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole in a release issued today. "Their talents and expertise include being expert skiers, highly trained in rescue techniques with pertinent knowledge of Emergency Medical Training. They are dedicated to the mountains and strive to make the mountain playground as safe as possible. One of their most exciting and challenging tasks is reduction of avalanche risks." As Morton said in his presentation, “We have all heard the ominous sound of Boom, Boom, Boom reverberating about the valley in the early morning hour.” Within the boundaries of Rendezvous Mountain there are as many as 275 recognized avalanche paths. Avalanche reduction work, involves each patroller carrying as much as 15 pounds of explosives, in one pound, 2 pound and 5 pounds increments. These explosives can be bundled together to make a 50 lb. bomb. Morton acknowledged the inherent risk in their work and the entire room observed a moment of silence for Jackson Hole Ski Patrol members who lost their lives during the course of their work: Paul Driscoll, Tom Raymer and Mark “Big Wally” Wolling. Director Drew Kneeland, in accepting the award on behalf of Ski Patrol, read a poem he had composed for the occasion. “This is kind of a roast,” Kneeland explained, in the tradition of the poem that ski patrol reads over the radio at the close of every day. The poem opened with some jokes about not understanding Rotary -“Do you have a secret handshake?” But also included these words: “I’ve asked around, and it appears. You’ve all been philanthropists for years. You’ve raised funds to support our youth and given back in spades, in truth. You recognize leaders in our community, Promoting peace, love, and unity. And while you may have the aura of high-rollers, you’re essentially just like ski patrollers.” *Feature Photo: On hand to receive the award (L-R): Director Drew Kneeland, Assistant Director Jen Calder, Director of Snow Safety Mike Rheam and Assistant Director Tom Bartlett. Rotary Past President Casey Morton made the award and thanked them for exemplifying the Rotary motto of Service above Self in their work. h/t Rotary Club of Jackson Hole / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news