Plane crash victims identified, all 4 lived in Idaho Falls

(Bonneville County, Idaho) - The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office has released the names of the four people who died as a result of a plane crash near Alpine Airport on Sunday. The preliminary investigation into the airplane crash that occurred on March 13 indicates that the occupants of the airplane are as follows: Husband and wife Pilot Jerry “David” Anderson, 40, and passenger- Jessica Ann Anderson, 38, and husband and wife passenger Thomas “Brook” Summers, 39, and passenger Heidi Summers, 36. All occupants of the plane were from Idaho Falls. The airplane was a 4 passenger, 1958 Cessna, 182A, single engine, fixed wing. The plane left the Alpine Wyoming airport in the early morning hours of March 13 and crashed shortly after takeoff. The National Transportation Safety Board (N.T.S.B.) is the primary investigative body for the crash. Further investigation will include positive forensic identification of the bodies and removal and inspection of the crash debris. *Feature Photo: Plane crash wreckage outside of Alpine, Wyoming. h/t Bonneville County Sheriff's Office / Pitchengine Communities.* #buckrail #news