Teton County GOP Chair Resigns Following Trump Vote

(Jackson, Wyo.) - JuliAnne Forrest has just announced that she has stepped down as chairman of the Teton County Republican party. "I have chosen to step down as chairman of the Teton County Republican Party because if Donald Trump receives the nomination, I cannot as a matter of principle encourage people to vote for him and that is a very important role of the county chairman," said Forrest in a statement emailed to Buckrail Monday evening. "The Republican party I grew up in stood for limited government and fiscal responsibility, ideals I still believe in. I will not back away from being active in Republican events, but I will not be associated with this effort," she added. "I hope other Republicans will stand with me and elect a true leader to the White House, not a reality star. The Republican and Democrat establishments need to recognize we have a very serious problem with America’s lack of faith in our leaders and something needs to change." "I am dismayed at the lack of participation in this county by the Republican party. Our convention was very poorly attended and because of that, I believe the larger base was not represented. Teton County lost too many seats in the 2014 election because Republican voters did not show up to the polls and I see the same thing happening again. I hope that won't be true this November," said Forrest. *Feature Photo: JuliAnne Forrest. h/t JuliAnne Forrest / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news