Town and County officially create Joint Housing Authority

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday at the Joint Information Meeting, the Town Council and County Commissioners voted 8 - 2 to officially create the joint housing authority. Beginning May 1, the affordable housing agency, previously known as the Teton County Housing Authority, will become the Jackson/Teton County Regional Housing Authority. Oversight of the agency will fall under Teton County’s management structure, in consultation with Town management and with oversight by both the Town and County’s elected governing bodies. The resolution creating the new structure was approved 4-1 by the Town Council and 4-1 by Board of Commissioners. Councilman Bob Lenz and Commissioner Mark Newcomb voted against the measure. In passing the proposal, the elected officials upheld the direction the two bodies set in motion with the Workforce Housing Action Plan in 2015. Each touted what they saw as the strengths of the new structure, such as opportunities for more consistent funding, and the ability to maintain a diverse and vibrant community in the face of housing costs that have outpaced even high salaries. “I am looking forward to what the community can get from this investment,” said Mayor Sara Flitner. “Right now, even a $100,000 salary and a bottomless work ethic can’t guarantee you a roof over your head in this community. I am looking forward to solving problems. Partnerships will be foundational to our success…with private sector, with housing experts, with each other. For today, I am pleased to be moving forward for our community.” “I think we are making a choice in coming together in the town and county to support a vibrant community of people who live and work here,” said Barbara Allen, Chair of the Board of County Commissioners. “I am excited. This is an opportunity for us to create a nimble government, and it gives us the ability to look more to private sector partnerships to help us meet our housing needs.” *Feature Photo: Outside of the Grove Phase 1. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news