Is your drink drugged? Find out with these new coasters from Victim Services

(Jackson, Wyo.) - April is just around the corner and it is an important month for Teton County Victim Services as it is Sexual Assault Awareness month. In an effort to gear up and support the awareness and prevention of sexual assault in Jackson, the Teton County Victim Services will begin distributing tampering indicator drink coasters and pocket packets to local bars, hotels and other organizations for the public to use. The coasters and pocket packets are designed to allow individuals to test their beverage to ensure that the drink has not been tampered with a controlled substance such as the date rape drug GHB or Ketamine. Both the coaster and the pocket packet are easy to use and have instructions on how to properly test a drink for tampering. “Most people in Jackson are fortunately insulated from some of the crime that occurs here,” said Tracey Trefren, Teton County Victim Services Coordinator. “It often surprises people to hear that in 2015 we had 7 reported cases of sexual assault, and 36 reported cases of assault.” Sexual assault is a vastly under reported crime and the most common rape drug is alcohol. These tampering testing coasters and packets will be available during the Hill Climb weekend and will continue to be available throughout April. Historically, the Hill Climb attracts many people into town and has been associated with an increased consumption of alcohol. Teton County Victim Services would like to remind residents and visitors alike that alcohol can decrease one’s ability to make decisions and adding an additional drug to further a victim’s intoxication in an effort to inhibit the ability to consent is a serious concern. Victim Services would like to encourage everyone to drink responsibly and report any suspicious activity involving drink tampering to the Jackson Police Department. For more information on these coasters or pocket packets or to find out how you can obtain them please contact Tracey Trefren with the Teton County Victim Services at 307-732-8482. *Feature Photo: Tampering indicator drink coaster. h/t Town of Jackson /