11 Wet and Wild Photos from Pond Skim

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday, Jackson celebrated the first day of spring with a wet and wild annual event - Pond Skim. At Pond Skim, skiers and snowboarders fly down Snow King Mountain towards a pond and attempt to skim across. Many dressed up in crazy outfits for the occasion, some did tricks and some attempted to drench the crowd (and succeeded). Here are 10 of our favorite Pond Skim photos from the wet and wild event yesterday: *1. Many of the skimmers made it look way too easy (although we are sure it was NOT easy): * *2. Check out this slow-mo skim:* *3. Some skimmers tried to splash the crowd, it it worked. If you were on the sidelines, you got soaked!* *4. The outfits were on point:* *5. Even some dinosaurs attended the event:* * * *6. And some sharks:* *7. There were some cool tandem skims:* *8. And event some where multiple peopled mobbed down the mountain:* *9. There were also some epic falls:* *10. Some event fell before hitting the pond...* *11. But overall, it was a fun and exciting event:* Do you have great photos from Pond Skim? Share them with us here . *Feature Photo: Pond Skim 2016 at Snow King Mountain / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news #snapped