BTNF secures grant for Greys River Ranger District’s Motorized Travel Project

(Afton, Wyo.) - The Bridger-Teton National Forest announced today that it was the recipient of a $27,150 planning grant from the Wyoming Department of State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails, which will be used to support the Greys River Ranger District’s Motorized Travel Project in the Middle Greys area. For the past months, the Greys River Ranger District has been working closely with many stakeholders who showed their deep commitment to enhancing the recreation opportunities and natural resources of the Middle Greys area. These stakeholders helped design a quality system of motorized trails between Meadow Creek and South Three Forks which currently has significant amounts of old roadbeds and spur routes needing rehabilitation. Public meetings started in May of 2015 and continued through the summer where project objectives were discussed and in which a number of team trips, including a public exploration, helped move the District toward a proposal. An additional gathering occurred the following January after the proposed action was released to help people understand the different components of the proposal and the changes that might happen to on the ground. The public comment period gave an opportunity for many to contribute to the planning dialogue and those comments will be taken into account as the interdisciplinary team decides on potential alternatives to the proposal. “We encourage anyone interested in the Greys River area to follow the project progress online,” said Acting Project Line Officer Adriene Holcomb. Those interested in being informed about the project can visit the front page of the Bridger-Teton National Forest website for access to the documentation. “An overview of the comments gathered from the proposal along with a brief description of the alternatives will soon be available for posting on the website,” she added. The grant will be used to support necessary GIS and wildlife analyses for the project. “The Bridger-Teton National Forest is an incredibly busy Forest, it can sometimes be hard to secure time for all our specialists to work on particular projects. The support given by the State is critical to the continued progress of the Motorized Travel Project,” said Holcomb. *Feature Photo: Greys River Valley on the Greys River Ranger District. h/t Forest Service / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news