Locals travel to Idaho Falls to feel the Bern

(Jackson, Wyo.) - On Friday, several locals made the drive to Idaho Falls for the Bernie Sanders rally. According to Jackson resident Mike Maurer, there were about 24 Jacksonites at the rally. Maurer commented that the line into the rally was very long, so long in fact that they were concerned about not getting in. Once they did get in, he said it was surprising at how much space there was inside. "It was so fun to listen to him [Sanders] and pick up the vibe in full force instead of just soundbites. So honest. So real," said Maurer. "What I heard in his speech that I haven't heard before was the preface to all the statements, 'I am sure that progressives and conservatives can agree that.' he said that several times," Maurer added. *Feature Photo: Local residents at the Bernie Sanders rally in Idaho Falls. h/t Mike Maurer / Pitchengine communities* #buckrail #news