Verizon to Town: Jackson needs more cell towers

(Jackson, Wyo.) - At today's Town Council workshop, consultants with Verizon Wireless attended to convey the need for more cellular facilities in the Town of Jackson. "This is a huge concern for Verizon Wireless," said Irene Cooke with Closser Consulting on behalf of Verizon Wireless during the meeting. During the last three years, Verizon Wireless has proposed the addition of cellular facilities at the Center for the Arts, at the Fairgrounds, at a rooftop on Center Street and at the top of the town parking garage, but has been rejected for all proposals. According to Verizon documents sent to the Town of Jackson, the increase in demand for 4G-LTE service in Jackson will require the addition of three to four new cellular facilities in the town. The document states that expanded 4G-LTE service is especially important during busy tourist seasons. "Currently, a single site is providing service to majority of town," said Travis Griffin on behalf of Verizon Wireless. He added that downtown is a key need to add cellular capacity. During the meeting, Cooke stated that she met with Ryan Stanley at Snow King to identify locations on the mountain. Verizon Wireless representatives stated that additional sites are recommended at the Teton County Fairgrounds, the Center for the Arts and the Town parking garage. The Verizon Wireless representatives spoke about aesthetics of the antennas and different options to have the equipment not be an eye sore for the community. More information on the Verizon Wireless proposal is available here. *Feature Photo: Jackson Parking Garage, a proposed cellular tower site /