Friend of Jackson resident recounts the scene today in Brussels

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Brussels is closer to Jackson and Wyoming than you think, especially with our international residents and visitors. Jackson resident Gabe Klamer's good friend Xavier Serret lives in Brussels and was surprisingly close to the terrorist attacks. Serret was just in Jackson for the Global Fatbike Summit in the winter of 2015. His company hired Klamer to take some photos of fatbiking around the Tetons. Here is Serret's account of the scene in Brussels today: "I live about 45 minutes away from the airport and 15 minutes away from the metro station where the third bomb went off. I was lucky as I was supposed to pick up a coworker at the airport but another friend went in my place. Both were lucky as the plane my friend was in was the very last allowed to land and the other friend saw glass falling on the car in front of him! "For myself, I drove on the highway connecting to the airport and it was surreal to see pedestrians pushing their luggage just nearby. Yet there was no sense of immediate threat nor panic and traffic did behave just as usual, all felt very strange. But, after that we were scheduled to attend an important business meeting in a city nearby (Antwerp) and we actually did. Once the meeting concluded, my friend showed me his personal pictures, very similar to what you saw on the media. But again, it very different experience to see it directly on the device that took them! "Finally I drove back to her home at Brussels a person stranded in Antwerp and I had a subsequent small drive around neighborhoods schaerbeek and molenbeek( ~ 2:30 pm). Everything was very calm and the only sign something was amiss was traffic was much more fluid than usual, and obviously more police military has been around for some time now , so "nothing special" there). It's just surreal that actual city is overall very OK, except for a few spots, yet as the media only shows these, watching the news looks like we should be in a war zone!! "My family was home as my daughters are on Easter break with my wife and my 14-year-old son came home early. No public transport today. Tomorrow schools open again. In my neighborhood all is quiet now and I just heard a tram going by. Finally like any regular night. I decided to go night riding with my bike, as I usually do. Life goes on and we should not let a bunch of terrorists instill fear in us." Feature Photo: The #PrayForBrussels image circulating the internet. #buckrail #news