Look for new artistic benches around Jackson

(Jackson, Wyo.) - This week, Jackson Hole Public Art presented the design for the new benches that will adorn the Town of Jackson. The prototype sat outside of the Town Council Chambers, and officials "tested" the bench prior to the meeting. The bench will be bolted to a concrete base when installed in areas around Jackson (not the wood that you see in the prototype photo above). Councilman Bob Lenz voiced concerns about the bench stating that he didn't think it was practical with the cement base. The bench prototype was approved 4-1 with Councilman Lenz opposed. Town staff were directed to work with Jackson Hole Public Art to replace benches as needed. This is part of Jackson Hole Public Art's Street Furniture Project, which was approved by Town Council on October 20, 2014. According to Town documents, the items that Jackson Hole Public Art is creating for the Street Furniture Project are priced the same or very close to the items that were purchased in the past. Other designs proposed by Jackson Hole Public Art include garbage receptacles, tree grates and bike racks. *Feature Photo: The prototype of the bench at Town Hall. Pitchengine Communities*. #buckrail #news