4 ways to not get in trouble at Hill Climb

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Hill Climb weekend is one of the rowdiest and busiest weekend of the year, so it is important to stay safe and out of trouble while enjoying the event. Here are tips on how to not get in trouble and still have a good time at Hill Climb: *1. Have a Safe Way Home* Lieutenant Cole Nethercott of the Jackson Police Department said that the local PD will specifically be targeting DUIs and minors consuming alcohol this weekend. "We would ask people to be proactive in thinking ahead as to how they will get home if they intend to drink, Sometimes, walking is not a good option for those who drink to the point they cannot safely walk home. We’ve had two incidents this winter of intoxicated pedestrians being stuck by vehicles, one resulting in death and the other in significant life changing injuries," he said. *2. Dress Appropriately* Additionally, Lieutenant Nethercott asks that people think about the weather this weekend, make sure that they dress appropriately and take taxis home. "People need to think about the weather, it gets below freezing every night and exposure deaths are not uncommon here. The common factor in most of those deaths are intoxication and inadequate clothing. We have more taxis in Jackson than anywhere else in the state and we would encourage people to take advantage of that," said Lieutenant Nethercott. *3. Be Respectful and Responsible* "We would encourage people to have fun and enjoy themselves, but to do so responsibly and respectfully," said Liuetenant Nethercott. "We often see significant incidents of property damage, theft, vandalism, sexual assaults, and fighting in addition to increased DUI’s and public intoxications, and minors under the influence. All of these types of crimes generally boil down to people becoming intoxicated to the point that they make poor decisions." *4. Watch Your Drinks* The Jackson PD also encourages both visitors and residents to watch their drinks. "Do not consume drinks that are given to you by people you do not know. Do not leave your drink unattended with someone you do not know. Be smart in your actions and it will reduce the chances of you being victimized," he added. Also, starting last week, Teton County Victim Services began distributing tampering indicator drink coasters and pocket packets to local bars, hotels and other organizations for the public to use. Learn more about those here. Bottom Line: Have fun, but be safe and respectful during Hill Climb. *Feature Photo: h/t Jackson Hole Snow Devils / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news