Mead approves Sublette County's request to remove sheriff, process begins

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Yesterday, Governor Matt Mead approved the Sublette County Board of County Commissioners' request to remove Sheriff Stephen Haskell from office . "By approving the request, the governor has directed the Attorney General to file a petition to remove Sheriff Haskell from office and that will be filed in the District Court of Sublette County," said Deputy Attorney General Dave Delicath. According to Delicath, after the petition is filed and is served to Sheriff Haskell, then the sheriff will have 20 days to file his response in the District Court. Following the sheriff's response, the court will hold a trial. The court is required to hold the trial at least five days and no more than 30 days after the Sheriff files his response. The trial will determine whether he will be removed from office. The County Commissioners' letter also asked for a temporary suspension of Sheriff Haskell during this process. "The Governor has not yet determined whether he is going to suspend the sheriff pending the outcome of the removal action, so as of right now Sheriff Haskell is still the sheriff," said Delicath