Thursday Dispatch: Public Intox, Battery and DUI

(Jackson, Wyo.) – Here is a recap of local dispatch and law enforcement activity from yesterday in the Town of Jackson and Teton County. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until proven guilty. There were 42 calls to the area dispatch on Thursday, March 24. *Crime Reports and Arrests * Public Intox: At 12:01 early Thursday morning, Jackson Police officers were dispatched to a report from a taxi driver that he had been driving an intoxicated subject around town for approximately 20 minutes trying to locate his residence, but the passenger was too intoxicated to remember where he lived or what his address was. When officers arrived the subject was outside of the cab in a parking lot. The subject’s balance was extremely impaired and he had many objective signs of intoxication. In addition, it was approximately 30 degrees and the subject was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts. Despite multiple attempts to determine where the subject lived, he was too intoxicated to be able to provide any useful information. Officers determined the subject was intoxicated to the point that he was a danger to himself and that his clothing was not adequate to remain outside. As a result, Aron E Hansen, 35, of Tetonia, Idaho was charged with public intoxication. Battery: At 7:48 a.m. on Thursday, Jackson Police officers investigated a cold battery. It was determined a male and female were having a verbal argument. A third party feared the argument might turn physical and intervened. This upset the male who was in the original argument with the female and he confronted the intervening party. The intervening party thought he was about to be assaulted and struck the male one time, knocking him unconscious. At this time prosecution is not desired by any parties. DUI: On Thursday, Thomas Art Homewood 46, of Powder Springs, Georgia, was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. *Collisions* There was one auto collision yesterday. *Other* Other dispatch reports included citizen assists, medical assists, animal control calls, road hazards, lost and found property, and traffic problems. *Feature Photo: h/t Pixabay / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news