JHHS Staff Step into Students’ Shoes for a Day

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Similar to projects being done throughout the country, Jackson Hole High School teachers who make up the instructional leadership team and JHHS administrators are shadowing students throughout a full day of classes to experience “a day in the life” of a JHHS student. Approximately 17 students were invited and agreed to participate in the project. Student participants are representative of the student body, representing all grade levels, and student achievement levels. JHHS science teacher, Laura Creager-Markham participated in a similar project during graduate school and was excited to join the effort at JHHS. “My student shadow was a positive and eye opening experience. We are here to serve students so it is important to understand what they go through, recognizing that their school experience is different than that of even our younger teachers.” Abe, a student participant said “I thought it was going to be a little weird, having a teacher follow me around all day but it really wasn’t.” When asked, Emily, another student participant said “I think it's that our teachers wanted to do this and I think they learned some things, even some little things like the seats are uncomfortable.” As part of the project teachers collect data every 10 minutes in each class. The data categories include instructional approach, what the student is doing, student behavior, and resources being used for instruction. “We are collecting data to better understand how our decisions affect issues such as student workload and stress. We recognize that all the outcomes of this project cannot be identified before hand but our ultimate goal is to understand more about the student’s day and make the appropriate adjustments to assist them,” said Principal Dr. Scott Crisp. *Feature Photo: h/t JHHS / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news