Suspect in aggravated burglary, standoff with Police signs plea deal

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last Friday, the suspect in an aggregated burglary and standoff with the Jackson Police Department signed a plea agreement in the case. In late December 2015, Jackson Police officers and a Teton County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a reported auto burglary and gunshots being fired in south Jackson. The reporting party said a subject had entered several vehicles, then fired gunshots towards both occupied buildings and a hillside. It was reported that the suspect was armed with both a rifle and handgun. Upon arrival and after briefly searching the area, the suspect was located by officers. The officer’s gave the subject multiple commands to put his hands in the air. The subject put one hand in the air but kept his other hand in his waistband area, refusing to raise it. The subject then lowered his raised hand and turned and began walking directly towards the sheriff’s deputy while reaching for his waistband. Despite being given multiple orders to stop and raise his hands, the subject pulled a handgun from his waistband and began raising it towards the deputy before dropping it on the ground and complying with commands. Friday, the 24-year-old suspect Dietrich Paul Ackermann of Jackson was arraigned and signed a plea agreement that that doesn't involve prison time. According to the plea agreement document, the terms state that Ackermann will plead guilty and then the court will place the person found guilty, but not convicted, on supervised probation for five years. Although the plea agreement was signed, the court ordered that the Department of Corrections conduct a presentence investigation within 60 days. Following the presentence investigation, the judge will decide whether or not to accept the plea. *Feature Photo: Dietrich Paul Ackermann. h/t Teton County Sheriff's Office