8 ridiculously awesome Gaper Day pics that will make you love Jackson Hole even more

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today - April 1 - is Gaper Day. In towns like Jackson Hole, we do Gaper Day by dressing up in throwback gear or just ridiculous costumes, heading to the mountain, and celebrating the waning ski season. Here are some of our favorite Gaper Day snaps so far: *1. This group started the day right with a prime parking lot pose:* *2. Some headed straight to the top for their Glamour Shot:* *3. These kids headed up the Gondola in Style:* *4. This shot is so good it could actually be Flashback:* *5. Straight Ski Fox:* *6. These THINGS like to ski (obviously):* *7. It definitely got weird on the mountain today...* *8. Basically, Gaper Day in Jackson Hole is totally BANANAS!* We want to see your Gaper Day photos! Send them to us here. *Feature Photo: h/t @erica_aarons on Instagram / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news