Wyoming wolf population increases 15% in 2015

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released its Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Program 2015 Interagency Annual Report . While wolves are no longer federally listed as an endangered species and are managed under state authority in Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and north central Utah, they remain federally listed in Wyoming as nonessential experimental and were managed by the USFWS. According to the report, there are 382 wolves in Wyoming, 48 packs and 30 breeding pairs. This is 14.7 percent increase in the number of wolves in 2014, which was 333. During 2015, there were an estimated 84 wolves that died in Wyoming: - 11 from natural causes - 8 from miscellaneous human causes - 11 from unknown causes - 0 were harvested through hunting - 54 were killed by control methods This is a slight increase from 2014, where there were 78 wolves that died. During 2015, wolves killed 72 cattle, 62 sheep, 0 dogs and 0 horses in Wyoming. As a result, Wyoming compensated $330,667.00 for lost livestock. In 2014, wolves killed 56 cattle and 6 sheep. "Although confirmed depredations result in a comparatively small proportion of all livestock losses, wolf damage can be significant to some livestock producers," stated the report. See the full report here. *Feature Photo: Photo by Holly Kuchera / shutterstock / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #county10 #reboot #news