Hoback volunteers train on steep and rough terrain

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Volunteer emergency responders from the Hoback Station 3, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, trained on medium-angle rescue techniques Wednesday night just east of the junction. The steep slope, riddled with sage brush and muddy from the afternoon rain, held challenges for crews who worked to move tools down a steep slope and rescue a "patient" by packaging into a litter and hauling back up the hill. "Training is an important piece of performance," said Captain Todd Fitzgerald. "We train to gain muscle-memory so that when an incident happens and a lot is going on, we have the memory of these trainings to help us perform; as individuals and as a team." Ten volunteers worked through the evening practicing the skills required to be safe and efficient while working over a medium-angle bank. The Hoback area's two rivers, the Snake and the Hoback, and the roads that parallel the rivers, provide ample opportunity for members to use their skills. Several over-the-bank rescues have been successfully completed by crews after vehicles drove off the side of the road. "It has happened in the past and it will happen again," said Captain Trumbower. "The more proficient we can be at this type of rescue, the faster we can get patients medical care." Trumbower noted his three new recruits are extremely talented. "These three recruits have given our station new talent and promise for the future." Here are some photos from last night's training: [image: Inline image 1][image: Inline image 2] [image: Inline image 3] Of the six fire stations in the county, the Hoback station is the southern-most station whose boundaries go from the Flat Creek/Snake River bridge south to Lincoln and Sublette Counties. During large complex incidents, the Hoback Station is called to provide out-of-area assistance. If you are interested in volunteering for Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, call 307-733-4732 for more information. *Feature Photo: h/t Kathy Clay / Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news